About-UsI’m Baljit Singh Kang from Nawashehar. Farming was never my family’s primary occupation, as my father, mother and brother were settled in abroad. After completing M.A. in Punjabi, I got job of teacher in a private school. But I was not satisfied from that. Soon after sometime I thought of investing in the restaurant business. In 2003, I opened my restaurant and along with that I also started farming on a small scale. With the time I was driven more towards farming and in 2010, I finally switched to organic farming. In 2011, I got married and my wife was a professor in the college. I never stopped her from pursuing her career because teaching was her interest. Soon after sometime I was blessed with two beautiful children. I started spending more time with kids (a daughter and a son) for their better upbringing, but I never let my focus get away from farming.
Earlier when I started farming at that time I was using chemicals, but in 2010 I turned towards organic completely. I sowed maize in 1 acre of land, but everyone in the village was making fun of me because I planted it in winters. But the harvested produce was more than my expectation (37 quintals) and I was very happy. So, I decided of expanding my farming work from 3 acres to more.
Shifting from chemical to organic farming was a huge step for me, but I never looked back. I started growing vegetables on 1.5 acres of land. I also have every type of fruit trees at my farm and I have also established vermicompost plant which benefits at my farm. Today, I am doing organic farming on 6 acres of land and earning well from it.



1 Acre of Land


Basmati, Wheat, Sugarcane, and Vegetables

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Currently, I’m growing basmati, wheat, sugarcane, and vegetables at my farm. In future, I wants to partner with Kheti Virasat Mission to market my products on my own.


Farmers should start working themselves and stop depending on the third person for marketing. The second thing that farmers should understand is for better future organic farming is the only solution. Farmers should stop using chemicals and start adopting organic farming.


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